SlayXO is the best friend for every woman out there. It is one of the best lingerie and nightwear brands in India. The lingerie is the most important part of any girl’s outfit. Not only it is your biggest supporter but also acts as much more than that at times, *wink wink*. From your late-night drunk parties’ secrets to your hard work for that business plan that you’ve decided to execute, it takes all back to your closet when you just need to rest. 

Not the basic whites and blacks, ill-fitted, SlayXO brought to you the smooth, luxurious, pretty and, comfortable lingerie that is made just for your lovely ladyparts. The kind that fits according to your mood for the day. The kind that makes you feel thousand times more comfortable and sexy, doesn’t matter if that’s for you or your admirer.

Not just lingerie, we have collections of nightwear as well, for those trips to dreamland. We understand the importance of good sleep and with the wrong clothes on, you might jeopardize that beauty sleep. From lazy nights to romantic nights with your better half, we’ve got it all for you.

We at SlayXO, work to provide you that comfort and confidence. Our team works hard to bring you lingerie that feels smoother than a feather, that exaggerates your curves and, that slips on your body like silk. We are devoted to providing you with high-end fashion and prime quality products at minimal prices. We allow you to go through our collection while sitting at your home through a screen and deliver at your doorstep with no hassle at all.

All of our products go through robust tests before going online for you. We design a huge variety of lingerie and nightwear. Going basic this lockdown? We’ve got your back! Going out with your BFFs for the late-night parties? We are gonna support you in the fanciest manner. 

We know our ladies, we know what you need and we know exactly how to bring that to you. 

Come, join our family, and slay all the events with unmatchable confidence.